A Dress and Some Sneakers

Thanks to the rise of athleisure and the acceptance of sneakers as a legitimate fashion option, I have been pairing my skirts and dresses with sneakers, and I absolutely love it! Girls, you can thank fashion genius Karl Largerfield, who sent sneakers down the Chanel couture runways, which sold out quickly (for $4,000 a pair, mind you). Because of this new sneaker culture, trainers have evolved from workout shoes into fashion must-have, and I absolutely dig it. I love a good heel, but I love being comfortable even more. In this post I’m wearing my white Adidas Superstars, is a total throwback to when I went to elementary school and wanted to pair my uniform with every pair of Adidas sneakers that existed. I've also been really into mixing patterns lately so below I have mixed my geometric snapped dress, designed by Tessa Koller with my white and black striped adidas. The photos were taken at the Newport Beach public library in front of the “sculpture in the civic center park exhibition.” My favorite was David Buckinghams 2012 white, welded recycled steel.  I love mixing art and fashion, because for me the two go hand in hand. Fashion is an element of art. A lot of the sculptures you see photographed below really contrasted well  with the geometric shapes and colors in the dress. 

(Dress: Tessa Koller, Shoes: Adidas Superstars, Jacket: Zara)