A Backyard Celebration

Yesterday was a very special day - my favorite twinsies birthday. I have known these chicas since I was 14 years old and we went through the struggle of growing up as teenagers together. We have been there for each other through ups and downs. Life can be pretty loca, but when you have friends like these it makes it all okay. I wanted to make this dinner very special for them, because I am so grateful and lucky that they were born. They bring joy, happiness, and positive vibes always. We need more people like that ya know? I love intimate dinners with a small group of friends, yummy food, and sangria ;). The dinner was held in their adorable back yard that is bedecked with flowers and bright colors. I brought my Turkish tapestries and laid it on top of a wooden door for a table and made flower center pieces (that I borrowed from my neighbors hehe).  For food, my mom and I made my favorite dish in the entire world, paella (if you want her recipe comment below and I'll try to get it out of her), a salad, and the cutest cake splattered with rainbow sprinkles. The rest of the night included glitter lips, music, dancing gals by a fire, polaroids, and cake fights. Happy Birthday my angelitas I love you very much! 

(Top: Anthropologie, Shorts: Levis, Shoes: Stradivarius, Gold Alligator Necklace: H&M