Reaching Highs of Desert

Yesterday, my dad asked me if I wanted to take a helicopter ride. My dad loves to take his chopper out and I’m usually inclined to go along so I of course agreed! This ride however, was not just a simple joyride around Newport Beach (our usual go-to). We headed off over the beautiful mountains, and landed in a 91 degree sauna. I don’t know if it was the choppy ride, the dry heat, or the fact that we came all the way out here to pick up a Ford Bronco, but I was loopy upon landing on planet No-Where. I wondered if we had possibly gone to the set of Breaking Bad? Anyways, I was so inspired that I started rapidly taking photos of this strange place. I aways love going to unknown places. I am filled with inspiration as I stumble upon different colors, soil, terrain and temperatures. This destination was VERY bizarre to say the least. This Bronco had been here since last year when my dad’s girlfriend filmed a movie, and let’s just say, not much had changed. There were gadgets laying everywhere, it was raw and beautiful. Bizarre places are my jam.  

PS. I do have lipstick on my teeth in a picture (happens to me ALL the time haha). 

(One Piece: Lolli Swim , Skort: Nordstrom , Sunglasses: Quay X Shay, Boots: Dr. Martens , BackPack: Forever 21