Tenis o Padel?

Since I was a child, my favorite sport has always been tennis. I played it all the way through high school (I regret not playing in college), and still find the time to play it today. In Punta Umbria there is a tennis club just a short walk from the beach, nestled in between homes and apartments. The white apartment buildings that jut up right next to the courts contrast with the thick red clay and give it a distinctly Spanish feel. It is no surprise that this is my absolute favorite spot to play tennis, and I always feel like I play a little bit better here. There are also two courts for a sport called padel (in spanish). This has to be the most fun game of all time. It is like a combination of tennis and squash; you play in teams of two with a ball similar to a tennis ball, and you can hit the ball off the walls surrounding the little court. It is perfect for summer nights because you can get a sweat in, but its not too tiring that you can't play if you had a couple of cervesas the afternoon prior. This summer we played at the padel courts almost every night. If you ever stumble across a padel court, I highly recommend picking up a padel and giving it a try.  

(Top: Zara, Shorts: Levis, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses: Warby Parker, Gold Necklace: No Silence Alliance, Shoes: Nike)