Weekend Getaway in Santa Fe

Every time I travel to Santa Fe I love it more than the last time.  I have the pleasure of visiting because Hampton's parents (my boyfriend) have a house there. It is one of the most awesome houses I've ever seen, by the way!  I usually spend the 4th of July in my hometown of Newport Beach, but for some reason the thought of being surrounded by thousands of drunk people and spending most of my time walking around trying to find my friends was not appealing to me this year. I would not regret my decision to stay in Santa Fe; my boyfriend's parents had a groovy party at their house, one that included delicious burgers and hotdogs (duh), peach & rosé sangria, amazing desserts, and excellent music (props to DJD - Hampton's dad). The party even ended with firecrackers in the pool. Speaking of music, if you haven't heard Leon Bridge's new album, Coming Home, you should. It is pretty damn good. The album makes your feel like you are listening to an old record from the 50s, but it is really the voice of a young man from Texas.

One thing that I absolutely obssess over are unique doors. Don't ask me why, but I've been attracted to them ever since I was little. Any kind of unique door that has an abnormal size, color, or shape fascinates me. And let me tell you, Santa Fe is gold mine of quirky doors. As we walked through town, we stumbled upon all kinds of different doors that gave character to each adobe house. The energy in Santa Fe also fascinates me, and I think it has a lot to do with the rich history (it was the northernmost outpost of Spanish colonialism), the earthy tones emanating from the ubiquitous (and mandatory) adobe, the Native-American art and influence, and the awesome turquoise. We didn't have enough time to go to the plaza to shop this time around (luckily for my wallet). From pillows to carpets, to jewelry and leather boots, hats, and ponchos - I wish i could buy it all. Basically anything I would ever dream to have in my home or closet is there. 

I have to thank Hamptons parents, the best hosts ever, for having me once again.  I always have such a blast with them and their friends and I am very lucky to have them in my life. I hope I return really soon, because I am craving to go back and I just left yesterday. 

(Dress: Tobi, Sandals: Splendid, Bag: Anthropologie