Shades of Burgundy and a Moped

My sister came over today with a moped she had gotten for her boyfriend for his birthday (best present ever). It reminded me of the moped I used to have in Charleston, a lovely little black Songbird. I miss scooting around town every day, so I had to take it out on a spin immediately, wearing heels and all. We just went around my neighborhood, because it can't really go too fast and I would be absolutely terrified taking it on the freeway. My family is a huge motorcycle family, but I have always just been a moped/vespa type of girl. I think its the easiest mode of transportation, especially in cities were there is traffic at every hour of the day (aka LA). BUT I do not recommend wearing heels and taking any sort of motorcycle/vespa out. I was just so excited to see it that I immediately jumped on! Do any of you have mopeds/motorcycles? 

One Piece: Canada House, Shorts: Pull&Bear, Scarf: Anthropologie, Shoes: Forever 21