6 Different Ways to use your Turkish Towel

My favorite accessory of the summer - which, by the way, I cannot believe is almost over -  has been my turkish towelThe turkish towel has a long history. Long ago, when a couple decided to get married, they were given a set as a present. They were also used as the main material for clothing. I have used them non-stop and they have completely replaced my traditional beach towels all together. My favorite part about them is that you can use them for so many functions besides just a towel, and each use looks better than the last.  The 6 ways I use my turkish towel are: as a picnic quilt, a cover up, a beach towel, a sitting cushion, a beach pillow, and as bed decoration. Are there any other ways you use your turkish towel?

Turkish Towel: Anatoli and Buldano Suit: Billabong, Tassel Necklace: Suai Suai