Elle Rowan

Hey guys! I have decided to create a page where I can give you style tips, gift ideas, help with outfits, etc, so don't be shy! I absolutely love browsing the web for anything fashion, and my passion is helping people with their looks. If you are in need of some help email me at gabtenaza@yahoo.com or comment on one of my blog posts and I will post my suggestions for you individually on here! 

Elle is looking for a staple summer dress. She lives in Charleston, where it could get pretty hot, so I picked something breezy, light, and white (my favorite color for summer). I love this dress because it is so simple, but you can tie it in a knot to make it more sassy or un-tie it, tuck it in, and add a belt. You will get a lot of looks out of this dress by dressing it with an array of sandals and hats as well! 

Dress: Michael Stars