Singer: Brittni Jessie. For: Rolling Stones Concert in Amsterdam. Photographed by: Victoria Nicoll. 

Model: Daniele Chinchilla, Photographer: Blake Maddox, For: Magazine Editorial. 

Model: Jennifer Akerman. For: Indie Republic Design

Singer: Sofia Reyes. For: People Magazine

Artist: Brittni Jessie. For: The 2017 Grammys. 

Model: Milena Gorum. For: Vogue Italia "Portrait of" by Sonny Cas

Model/Actress: Romina Carrisi Power. For: Vanity Fair Spain 

Model: Taylor Stice. For: Tanning Club.

Professional dancer from "America's Best Dance Crew": Longkue Steven Lor. For: PokIt 

Model: Avery Tharp. For: Lalabobo 

Model: Sophie Seymour. For: Lalabobo 

Models: Avery Tharp and Sophie Seymour. For: Lalabobo X Hello Kitty 

Model: Jennifer Akerman. For: Indie Republic Design. 

Singer: Brittni Jessie from Leon Bridges. For: Grammys Event, Bonnaroo Music Festival, and performance in Berkeley.  

Revice Denim Web Campaign Shoot. 

Model: Kristianna Schlesinger. For: Toksick Magazine

Models: Gleveen Mcbeth and Gabriela Tena. For: L-Space swim X Indie Republic Design media content. 

Model: Milena Gorum. For: Dazey LA Summer Lookbook. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.49.06 AM.jpg

"Get the Look." For: Fall Issue of Le Fair Magazine

Model: Nikia (@madmavenstyle) For: See Eyewear Campaign